Human Resources

Human resources

In Ankutsan our most important asset is our human resources. We think that significant investment in human resources increases the added value of the company. Objective of our human resources policy is establishment of staff for carrying out works at the targeted level, selection of staff in accordance with this staff, placement and determination of training and employment conditions.

Our human resources policy

  • Taking into account aim, development and objectives of our company employment of persons who have the necessary qualifications and development potential.
  • Our company provides working conditions according to their skills and competencies and fair and equal opportunities in terms of development.
  • Our Company respects and protects the rights of all our staff.
  • Our company encourages staff for success of creativity.
  • Our Company informs the staff about issues related to them in a timely manner.
  • Our company develops forms of communication to ensure that our staff may communicate all kinds of ideas and opinions with management easily.
  • Our company provides a comfortable and safe working environment and conditions for staff in accordance with the nature of the job and takes the necessary measures to keep motivation high.
  • Our company's managers are responsible for their staff to perform their duties efficiently and successfully and growing new staff for their duties in case they leave or promoted.

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