We, as ANKUTSAN, offer specially designed and high-quality printed Corrugated Cardboard Packaging solutions developed based on our customers’ needs to our customers across Turkey and the world.

We believe that packaging is an efficient and effective way to promote and offer products for all enterprises. In this context, we aim at adding value to your products by providing customized printing and design services.

Our Company produces innovative and novel products in the corrugated cardboard industry. Flexo printing technique is used at offset printing quality. Our product range consists of mainly Pizza Boxes, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Boxes, Seedlings and Flowers Boxes, Food and Beverage Boxes, A Box Standard Shipping Cartons, Egg Cartons, Fish Boxes, MDF Profile Furniture Boxes, Food Handling and Protection Cartons, Legume Products, Turkish Delight Boxes and Marble Boxes.