Ankutsan Paper

Adana Paper Factory is the first paper plant put to operation by Ankutsan in 2018 in Adana Hac─▒ Sabanc─▒ Industrial Estate and has an annual paper production capacity of 50 thousand tons.
The plant operates on an open area of 102.000 m2; including a closed area of 25.000 m2 in which raw material and product warehouses, steam energy production plants, water treatment plants and technical and administrative offices are located.
Ankutsan Paper Factory is the first plant that makes production in integration with all other factories under the roof of Ankutsan. The factory produces types of paper changing between 80-270 gr including Kraftliner, Imitation Kraft, ANYS (Ankutsan NSSC), Fluting, HP Fluting, Testliner.
Having adopted the principles of reliable and sustainable forest management, Ankutsan has established FSC Forest Management System in Adana Paper Factory based on forest products with controlled origins and has been awarded the FSC Certificate. It has been supporting the protection of nature with its FSC Certified papers. Besides, the plant is a totally environment-friendly factory with its Non-hazardous Waste Recovery and Packaging Waste Recovery licenses.



Kraftliner paper has high durability thanks to the long and strong kraft pulp fibers used in production. The product has the natural look of unbleached kraft pulp, generally in dark brown tones. It is an exterior surface paper especially preferred by the construction sector due to its glossy look and ease of printing because of the color. It can be used as the outer and intermediate layer in all kinds of corrugated cardboard. It is especially preferred in fruit and vegetables packages for cold rooms because of its resistance to water and humidity. This paper has high durability and a bursting strength between 430-850 kPa anD is produced in the range of 100-270 gr/m2.


Imitation kraft paper has the physical and mechanical resistance properties that can be used in the internal and external surfaces of all kinds of corrugated cardboards. Its production is based on highly durable recycled paper and it is an environment-friendly type of paper like all other papers we make. Being resistant to water and humidity by nature, our imitation kraft papers are moderately durable and are generally produced within the range of 100-170 gr/m2. Bursting strengths of these weights change between 260-450 kPa.


It is a type of paper produced from recycled paper, with only the top surface being dark brown. It is used in the outer and intermediate layers of corrugated cardboard depending on the application requirements. It has sufficient physical and mechanical strength values with its upper layer reinforced with long fibers. Generally the weight changes between 90-135 gr/m2 and the bursting strength between 210-300 kPa.


Fluting paper, made of recycled papers, is used in the undulations of corrugated cardboard. It is an important paper grade which constitutes the inner frame of boxes. Crushing strength (CCT, CMT and SCT) is important for fluting papers, which make contributions to the performance of the boxes in which they are used. Our fluting papers are generally produced in the range of 80-170 gr/m2.


Our high power fluting paper has higher CCT, CMT and SCT values than the classic fluting paper and is a high quality product that meets the expectations of its user. The weight ranges between 100-170 gr/m2.


This product of ours, preferred as the undulating paper for corrugated cardboard which is used in transporting fresh fruits and vegetables, has the desired crushing strength as well as being resistant to water and humidity. The weight of our ANYS paper varies between 120-170 gr/m2.