Export Sales Channel

ANKUTSAN began its export activities by performing its first export to the European Region in 2012. Today, it actively exports to over 50 countries across 5 continents.

The production and exports of all types of boxes, based on the requirements and requests of clients, in particular Pizza Boxes, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Boxes and Industrial Boxes, are carried out.

It has become the leading exporter in its industry, thanks to its high quality product groups, extensive distribution – sales channels and the cooperation it has entered into with the leading and strong logistics and transport companies of the world. It is the principal supplier in all industries, which use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, especially the Pizza industry. ANKUTSAN, which believes that packaging is a productive and effective means of presenting and promoting the products of all businesses, offers its clients special printing and designing services within this framework, aiming to add value to your products.

It provides special services to its export clients, with the professional Corporate Sales teams, which speak the languages of the regions where it exports to.
ANKUTSAN uses the Mersin port, one of the largest ports of the Mediterranean Region, and one of the most-well known ports in the world, for a large part of its exports.

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