Human Resources Policy
Ankutsan’s teamwork, passion, respect and integrity values determine who we are and how we work.

Ankutsan’s primary asset is human resources. We are of the opinion that a company creates the most important added value by making investment in human resources. The objective of our human resources policy is to conduct activities at the targeted level, to select and place staff suitable for positions established in accordance with the strategic plan, to train staff and to determine employment conditions.

Our Human Resources Policy:
  • Our aim is to increase the satisfaction of our business, administrative and other employees with the principles of “outstanding service”, “special interest” and “sincere approach”,
  • We are success-oriented in line with the corporate goals and the understanding of people-oriented approach,
  • We communicate with people by understanding the corporate and social rules of courtesy and etiquette,
  • We contribute to the freedom of thought and expression,
  • Our aim is to continuously improve all our processes and service quality and to meet expectations of our management and employees,
  • In establishing the development objectives of our Company, we consider the employment of persons who have the necessary qualifications and development potential,
  • We provide working conditions according to employees’ skills and competencies and fair and equal opportunities in terms of their development,
  • We respect the personality and protect the rights of all our employees,
  • We encourage all our employees for success of creativity,
  • We develop all forms and sources of communication to ensure that our employees easily convey their ideas and opinions to the management,
  • We provide a comfortable and safe working environment and conditions for our employees based on the nature of the business conducted by our Company and take necessary measures to keep motivation high,
  • Our company’s managers are responsible for ensuring that their subordinates perform their duties efficiently and successfully and training new employees in case they leave or get promoted.
Our Human Resources Mission
  • To place the right candidate in the right position, to provide in-company training, and to appropriately guide our employees to get the best performance.
  • To create value for our management and employees with the reliability and high business ethics we provide with our services and solutions.
Our Human Resources Vision
  • To ensure satisfaction in all services we offer to our employees, with the high-quality, qualified and fast service concept.

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