Management and Executive Boards

Dear Employees and Business Partners;

When we look at the year 2018 we passed behind, we have witnessed a year with rapid changes in the world and in our country. We are in the middle of a digital era in which the economic and political balances of power are restored and numerous economic, social and technological advancements happen. Despite the political crises and economic stagnation in the world and in our country, we made significant progress all together again by realizing our budgets above goals and expectations.

In this new era where the big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence, robots, industry 4.0 and digitalization are addressed; technology provides us with new opportunities and fundamentally changes our business models. Keeping pace with these fundamental changes is an inevitable priority both for our country and company. In 2018, digitalization continued to be one of our most significant priorities. Correspondingly, it is among our plans for 2019 to continue our digital transformation with the globally renowned software company SAP.

Innovation, ambition and success are the most established and essential traditions of the ANKUTSAN culture. While carrying this culture with firm steps forward, we continue our sustainable growth with the emphasis we put on institutionalization, digitalization, innovation, technology, R&D, globalization and branding.

In order to contribute to economy by growing sustainably:

  • Increasing the competency of the employees,
  • Ensuring the continuity of production,
  • Focusing on quality and value-added production,
  • Developing innovative products and new market places,
  • Decreasing the impact of lost customers by increasing the number of customers and their geographical locations,
  • Supporting these processes by new reasonable and rational investments are necessary.

As ANKUTSAN, we will continue to spread the brand of both our country and company throughout the world with our dynamic, educated, scrutinizing, and analytical-thinker human resources and with our strong suppliers, production facilities with advanced technology infrastructure and growing export volume.

Our institution, operating since 2002, continues to be one of the most important industrial organizations of our country and our region which creates added value with its wide production web following its latest investments. The progress roadmap drawn after the long term growth and investment projection studies which are followed daily sheds light for us to carry out our goals and targets.

We continue to strengthen our financial structure, which is firmly built on our digitized and documented efficient management policy, with our experienced human resources and successful risk management activities. For a solid future, we will run on with you towards the sustainable achievements in line with our institutionalization goals and with our dynamic and trained staff, fast, flexible and devoted working culture, knowledge and innovations that make a difference.

Within the framework of importance we attach to social and environmental responsibility, we will continue to keep on our agenda the investments on the facility that produces paper by using the raw material procured from recycle; besides, we will economically, culturally, environmentally and socially contribute to our society with our activities and organizations.

As in the previous years, we will continue enriching our country in 2019 by foregrounding the expectations of our customers and enhancing our solid relations with our business partners with our motto:

“Happy Customer, Happy Investor, Happy Employee”.

In this path, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the architects of our success, all of our employees, who always take ANKUTSAN to further each year, our customers, financiers and all our stakeholders in this journey.

Management and Executive Board

Rüstem Kesgi ( Chairman of the Board ) , Deniz Erdoğan ( General Manager ), Mustafa Çakal ( Vice Chairman )