Our Factory
Antalya Factory

Founded in 2002, ANKUTSAN has taken the first step in the factorization stage with the facility established in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2004 based on the need of growth. Built on an area of 32 thousand m2 and having a production capacity of 42 thousand tons per year, the facility is also the centre of all other investments. This facility with the central administrative divisions has 220 employees.
In addition to the factory, in 2017, the R&D Centre, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, was put into operation as an individual centre built within the same facility.

Mersin Factory

In January 2014, the ANKUTSAN Mersin Factory was put into operation on an area of 35 thousand m2 in Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone.

With the newest machinery and the highest automation technology in the region, the factory has an annual production capacity of 62 thousand tons with 185 employees. In parallel with the fact that the Mersin port is the largest port in the Mediterranean region, the Mersin Factory is the export base of ANKUTSAN.

Ankara Factory

In 2016, it started its activities on an area of 38 thousand m2 in Ankara Capital Organized Industrial Zone.
84 thousand tons of corrugated cardboards per year are manufactured with the machinery and automation systems which are all European-origin, with high performance in line with the goal of Industry 4.0 technology. It is the first factory that manufactures only semi-finished products in Turkey.

Adana Paper Factory

Having started its activities in 2018 in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, the ANKUTSAN Paper Factory is located on an outdoor area of 102,000 m2 and operates on an indoor area of 25,000 m2 with its raw materials and finished goods warehouses, steam energy production facilities, water treatment facilities, and technical and administrative offices.
Having an annual production capacity of 50 thousand tons of paper, this factory is the first facility to be fully integrated with all the factories of ANKUTSAN.

Çerkezköy Factory

The operating facility that is located in European side of İstanbul since 2010, it continued it’s operations at the new facility in October, 2018. The Facility was built on 32-thousand-m2 open space and in 25-thousand-m2 indoor space for producing goods and services with it’s technical and administrative offices in Tekirdağ Veliköy Organized Industrial Zone.
The facility that provides services to İstanbul, which is the centre of Turkish industry, and to entire Marmara region, with the 84-thousand-ton annual production capacity, is an example enterprise in the sector with its high technology machine park and automation systems.