Our Management Policy

We, as ANKUTSAN, define our Management Policy as follows:

  • To ensure continuous development and to support continuous training in order to create an efficient and competitive working environment;

  • To understand market expectations correctly and develop innovative ideas continuously and enhance customer satisfaction by offering “packages adding value to our customers’ products”;

  • To consider customer feedback as an opportunity for improvement and carry out improvement activities;

  • To protect our natural resources and carry out environmentally-sensitive productions;

  • Within the framework of sustainable forest management, to produce environment-friendly products using recyclable raw materials derived from the forest products with controlled origin that we manufacture.

  • To provide a safe working environment through proactive activities relating to occupational health and safety;

  • To ensure the engagement of all our employees in, and applicability and continuity of the Quality Management System with the philosophy of continuous improvement and customer focus;

  • To ensure “efficiency and savings” by using our resources in the most efficient way, following technological developments, improving production infrastructure, and managing time and cost;

  • To ensure compliance with legislations, legal requirements and industrial standards;

  • In accordance with national and international food legislations, to ensure the protection of food safety and product quality by giving particular importance to human and environmental health at all stages of supply chain and adapting our infrastructure and processes.

Our Fundamental Principles of Corporate Management

The four fundamental principles of corporate management are inter-related, with the aim of realising the objectives of the measurement and improvement of the performance of the company. In addition to this, where there is to be a public share issue, it is expected that the realisation of corporate management will result in value being created for the shareholders and ensure respect to social values.

  • The principle of fairness: Acting fairly and equally towards shareholders, the protection of the rights of all shareholders, in the event that there are minority shareholders and foreign partners and abiding by all of the agreements which have been entered into in connection with the ownership of shares.

  • The principle of transparency: The preparation of all information which is of interest to company shareholders and potential investors, with regard to company activities, and the financial statements, which are the most important documents showing the results of the activities of the company, in a manner which shows the actual results, and the sharing of these with the public. In this context, the financial tables need to be prepared by adhering to the principles of accounting which have been accepted internationally.

  • The principle of accountability: The establishment of the necessary systems of controls in order for the Board of Directors to be able to assess the performance of the senior management of the company independently, in an objective and realistic manner, and the putting in place and monitoring of the structures directed at ensuring that the management of the company can be accountable to the shareholders.

  • The principle of responsibility: Continuing activities in compliance with the legislation and regulations, which reflect social values, determining the areas of responsibility of the departments by distributing duties within the company and manifesting the framework of the relationship of these departments with the Board of Directors, and the assignment of duties to independent members of the Board of Directors, who will be able to work independently and effectively, in the Board of Directors.

Our Public Disclosure Policy

Ankutsan A.Ş’s Disclosure Policy has been prepared in order to establish general principles and procedures regarding information sharing (which information, in what ways, how often, etc.) to shareholders, investors and other relevant stakeholders, and public disclosure in accordance with the legal regulations to which the Incorporation is subject to and pursuant to Capital Markets Board’s (CMB) Communiqué on Material Events and Communiqué On Corporate Governance, relevant provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) and regulations of Borsa Istanbul (BIST) and put into force by the Resolution of the Board of Directors.

It is essential in implementation of the disclosure policy to provide information, events and developments to all stakeholders including shareholders, investors, employees and customers in a timely, correct, complete, clear, easy and cost effectively and equally accessible manner.

Our Public Disclosure Policy consists of the following 11 clauses. You can download our policy as PDF from this link.

  1. Purpose
  2. Authorities and Responsibilities
  3. Methods and Means
  4. Independent Auditing of Financial Statements
  5. Submission of the Activity Report to the Tax Office
  6. Persons Authorized to Make Public Disclosures
  7. News and Rumours in the Media
  8. Public Disclosure of the Forward-Looking Statements
  9. Communication with Capital Market Participants
  10. Analyst Reports
  11. Company Website
Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Undertaking

I, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANKUTSAN A.Ş., have taken on both the ultimate responsibility and accountability for the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

I declare the authorizations related to my responsibilities on the matters stated below:

General Manager:

The provision of the resources required for the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Human Resources and Quality Manager:

The documentation and publication of the duties, responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities, for the assignment and transfer of the duties of the effective assistance of the management of Occupational Health and Safety and the definition of duties, responsibilities and accountabilities.

R&D Manager:

The establishment of the environmental and occupational health and safety management systems, and the review, implementation, sustaining and development of the processes.

Energy Management System Policy

We, as Ankutsan A.Ş., define our energy management system policy as follows;

  • Having the management work together with the employees to set targets in line with our policy, define actions to attain such targets, provide the required information and sources,
  • Following up all laws, regulations and other stipulations related to energy and fulfilling the requirements,
  • Establishing effective communication in order to create common values and useful results in subjects related to energy management,
  • Using suitable resources and technologies to keep energy under control,
  • Increasing energy performance values, which include energy effectiveness and intensity, in line with the scale and purpose of our organization in order to ensure continuous improvement,
  • Ensuring the efficient use of natural resources and energy,
  • Minimizing energy consumption, making improvements for continuous development in energy efficiency, following up their implementation and consequences,
  • Using energy-efficient products to improve energy performance, taking energy efficiency in consideration when purchasing energy services and making related design work,
  • Continuously improving, documenting, communicating to all levels, reviewing and updating our Energy Management System,
  • Training all of our employees in relation to energy sufficiency and raising related awareness in our suppliers, subcontractors, visitors and the local public,
    Continuing to work in cooperation with our stakeholders, suppliers, subcontractors and employees in line with mutual benefits,
  • Having our senior management ensure the integrity, usability, availability, revision and updating of all information and resources in order to attain the energy objectives and goals,
  • Undertaking the continuous improvement of energy performance and Energy Management System.