Our R&D Centre

In 2017, ANKUTSAN received the R&D Centre certificate approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Being the first in its industry, this centre is one of the model centres in the region it is located in.

18 researchers work in this center which is established to develop innovative products, determine market needs and expectations and turn them into scientific results with benefit, cost and performance improvements.

Embracing the improvement and development in production from a different perspective in R&D center, ANKUTSAN continues its mutual academic activities with the support of Antalya Bilim University, Akdeniz University Technology Transfer Centres and Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Forestry - Department of Forest Industrial Engineering.

The R&D Centre of Ankutsan leads the way for dissemination of knowledge by sharing its knowledge about its activities in scientific platforms.

In addition, Ankutsan uses mechanisms of motivation in new product projects for continuous development of the R&D Centre. It appreciates the success of R&D personnel and encourages them to attend Master’s and PhD programs.