R&D Laboratory

In our R&D laboratory, physical tests can be carried out in raw materials and products.
After testing whether the products we have developed meet the targeted specifications, we place them on the market.

Analyzes: The following analyzes can be made with many devices and equipment which can be used in R & D activities.

-Thickness Analysis
-Edce Crush Test (ECT)
-Ring Crush Test (RCT)
-Flat Crush of Corrugating Medium (CMT
-Water Absorption Test (Cobb)
-Box Crush Test (BCT)
-Burst Strenght Test (BST)
-Paper Type and Density Analysis
-Moisture Analysis
-Gel Point Analysis
-Viscosity Measurement

Our Industrial Designs: We are aware of the importance of securing our intellectual and industrial rights. We send our applications to the Turkish Patent Institute to register our new designs we have developed.

Dissemination of Knowledge: Our principle is to disseminate our knowledge from our R&D activities. We expand our project works through scientific activities such as congresses, symposiums, etc. and publications.

You can contact us about your R&D ideas, new product - product development demands and academic working partnerships.