Social Responsibility

Our company contributes to Social Responsibility Projects by supporting the training and development of children and nature for our community, various projects related to stray animals and charitable activities.

Some of our Social Responsibility Projects are as follows:
  • We supported book collection projects with the Book Banks, which we produced in order to support the recycling of books.

  • We provided support for the activities of LÖSEV (The Foundation for Children with Leukaemia), by donating the packaging required for the food and clothing support donated to the thousands of children with leukaemia, and their families, by LÖSEV, throughout Turkey.

  • Our Cat Shelter project, which was developed by our R&D Department, aimed to ensure the transportation and protection of stray animals with inexpensive and recyclable materials, within the scope of the joint activities carried out with Municipalities. The first shelters of the cats were produced and delivered by ANKUTSAN, to the people who provided a home for the cats within the scope of the activity.

  • Work has been carried out by the R&D Department, directed at the design and distribution of inexpensive and accessible play houses to destitute children, with the painting house developed for children, as well as activities directed at ensuring the functions supporting the development of children.

  • We have used the design of our “Cat Shelter Project”, which we developed within the scope of the Feel Nature 18 project, an International Social Responsibility project realised in Antalya by AISEC, the biggest youth organisation in the world.