Vision & Mission
Our Vision;

To be a leading company and a global brand with integrated facilities that has adopted the principle of sustainability and increased brand recognition and drives the sector both within the country and abroad.

Our Mission;
  • We continue to expand our exportation map with quality products of high added value while building a brand in the global market for contributing to our local economy.

  • We meet customer demands with our sustainable quality concept, dynamic structure and innovative approach.

  • We add value to our stakeholders by virtue of our environment-friendly policies that respect the society and adhere to ethical principles.

Our Values are:
  1. Honesty
  2. Respecting justice
  3. Ensuring a peaceful working environment
  4. Sensitivity on the matters of obtaining, use and preservation of information
  5. Sensitivity towards the environment
  6. The clarification of the definition of codes of ethics and working principles
  7. The abiding of employees in the regulations which need to be adhered to
  8. Preventing conflicts of interest
  9. Adding value to the community and to the stakeholders
  10. Respecting life at the place of work
Our Corporate Strategies are:
  1. Growing by becoming a brand.
  2. Obtaining sustainable profit, which is above the average.
  3. Being a brand which exports at least 50% of the products it produces, using domestic raw materials.
  4. Becoming an international brand, by increasing and extending the value of the brand (Ankutsan from Domestic to Global).
  5. Being a fully integrated facility.
  6. Ensuring continuous and sustainable development.