In general, cookies consist of information such as where you are connected to our website, what device you are connected to, what content you are viewing, and how long you are viewing that content. As ANKUTSAN A.Ş, we collect and analyze this data and try to provide you with better services. 

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Cookies Usage Patterns

The primary target of ANKUTSAN A.Ş is to ensure your safety. We use the cookies we collect from you to analyze the trends of our users, to develop ANKUTSAN A.Ş internet services in this context and to provide you with a higher quality and personalized service. This data we collect from our valued users is anonymous data used for statistical purposes only.

Checking Cookies

If you do not want to use this service, you can turn off cookie permissions in the Settings section of your browser or get detailed information from the help tabs.

Google Analytics

As ANKUTSAN A.Ş, we also use Google Analytics services provided by Google Inc. We also use Activity Reports issued by Google only to improve our services.

Google stores the data it receives from our website on its behalf, and reserves the right to share it when it is required to share this data with third party organizations due to mandatory legislation. For more information, you can visit here.