Board of Directors Message

Dear employees and business partners,

We are living in a new world where customers are more self-aware, conscious, and prefer companies that respond to their needs and offer special solutions. With this understanding, we built our industry-leading company, which we established in 2002, on “customer experience”. Our duty is to produce the solutions that our customers expect, to understand, to be in communication, to protect continuous development and unity. Ankutsan's values ​​also require being respectful to people, fair, transparent, honest, and innovative. 

In our age where Big Data, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, robots, industry 4.0, and digitalization are indispensable; technology offers us new opportunities and is fundamentally changing our business models. Keeping up with these radical changes is an inevitable priority for both our country and our company. That's why digitalization has remained one of our top priorities since 2014. At the same time, we continued our digital transformation with SAP solutions, which have global success in software. 

Innovation, perseverance, success is the most rooted and indispensable traditions of Ankutsan culture. While advancing this culture with firm steps; We continue our sustainable growth with the importance we attach to institutionalization, digitalization, innovation, technology, research and development, globalization, and branding.

As Ankutsan, we; will continue to spread the brand of both our country and our company to the whole world with our dynamic, educated, researcher and analytically minded human resources, our strong suppliers, our production facilities with advanced technology infrastructure, and our growing export volume.

Our company, which has been operating since 2002, continues to be one of the important industrial establishments that create added value in our country with its wide production network spread throughout the country, after its latest investments. The development roadmap drawn after our company's long-term growth and investment projection studies sheds light on us to achieve our goals and objectives.

We continue to strengthen our financial structure, which was built on solid foundations in accordance with our effective management policy, with our experienced human resources, and successful risk management activities. In line with our institutionalization goals; With our dynamic and educated staff, our fast, flexible, and devoted working culture, our knowledge, and our competencies that make a difference in our sector, we will continue to run with you towards sustainable successes for a stronger future.

Within the framework of the importance we attach to social and environmental responsibility, we will continue to keep investments in facilities for paper production and the use of raw materials obtained from recycling on our agenda, and we will continue to contribute to our society in economic, cultural, environmental and social areas with our activities and organizations.  

By prioritizing the expectations of our customers and increasing our strong relations with our business partners;

We will continue to add value to our country with our slogan "Happy Customer, Happy Investor, Happy Employee".

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our employees, customers, financiers, and all of our stakeholders, who are the architects of our success, who have always taken Ankutsan further on this path we have been walking.


Board of Directors