Ankutsan Academy

We aim to gain new competencies for all our friends working under the umbrella of Ankutsan, with the thought that they will take part in the business life of the future. We carry out different projects, trainings, and programs to prepare our new graduates for the future in the best way, and we organize trainings to keep up with the digitalized world.

We organize training programs on personal development, business skills, occupational health and safety, environmental management systems, and other human and technical subjects to increase theoretical and practical knowledge of their profession, gain skills and prepare them for higher organizations. 

Ankutsan Academy

With personal development trainings, we create opportunities for them to take steps to improve their missing aspects in both their business and social lives.

We organize in-town - out-of-town, domestic - international trainings for them to develop themselves professionally, and we actively follow all the processes.

We aim to facilitate the adaptation of new Ankutsan employees to the institution, regardless of their level, with orientation trainings, and facilitate their adaptation from the physical structure of the institution to the values ​​that make the institution that institution, its identity, and workflow.

We provide the effectiveness evaluations of the trainings and determine in our procedures what to do if they are effective or not.

Ankutsan Academy

With the E-Learning System we use, we analyze, plan, report, and provide certification opportunities for each employee's training needs. With this system, we increase internal communication between employees and allow managers to set and follow training targets for their employees. We set dates on the system for those who are unable to create eligibility due to their job situation while receiving training, and we support them to participate in the training actively at any time they want. We turn the trainings into interactive presentations and present them using different learning styles. In order to analyze the training results, we reach the participants via surveys and evaluate their opinions.

We care about the formation and training of trainers for our internal trainers, and we work for the better. As required by our industry, we organize in-house trainings and inform our employees by providing orientation of all processes.