Career at Ankutsan

Our Human Resources Approach

Our most important asset is our Human Resources.

We designed our human resources strategy to be among the most preferred employers with high employee loyalty and set out to make Ankutsan a brand that everyone would like to work with.

With human resources perfectionism, we bring the best of both expert-level professionals and new graduates to our family. 

We support the journey of each new Ankutsan member who joins us, which starts with recruitment, with employee experience management, and we are with them in all their steps from training to career development.

We embrace the common values ​​and beliefs that have enabled our company, which has adopted the principle of progress and growth, from its establishment to the present, and we aim to carry them to the future with pride and confidence, together with our colleagues.

Career at Ankutsan

Our Human Resources Policy

We welcome all of our employees with the principle of equal approach and value from the beginning of their adventure as candidates; We evaluate our employees within the framework of our human resources policy, as they approach step by step to become a member of Ankutsan.

We carry out all processes that our employees will encounter on their journey to Ankutsan, in line with the procedures and instructions defined in our systems, and we pay attention to the planned and effective execution of the activities to be selected to gain a sense of belonging and corporate culture. We follow the developments in the labor law, and we aim to get the highest efficiency from our employees without causing any disruptions with the organizational structure we have built.

Career at Ankutsan

Talent and Career Management

While evaluating talent and career management, future strategies, and organizational needs; We create the right backup for the organization and meaningful career plans for the employees, taking into account the performances, leadership potentials, and individual preferences of the employees. We strive together with our employees in the realization of the plans created, we realize our dreams together, we reach our goals by working together, inspiring and learning from each other. 

We meticulously keep and report the interests of each employee who joined the Ankutsan family, the departments they graduated from, and the certificates they received in our HR portal system. In addition, we analyze the areas in which our employees are talented in line with the training they receive, and we make use of these analyzes in internal projects and rotation processes.

We keep our organizational charts up-to-date so that Ankutsan employees can see their career ladders and enable them to instantly determine the conditions necessary for them to rise to the next level. With the backup plan, we create qualified backups and prepare the career plans and career steps of our employees. We define these plans through matrices into systems accessible to everyone.

Career at Ankutsan

Performance Management

Our employees; We use a performance appraisal system in which their potential, abilities, behavior at work and all work-related qualities are measured by comparing them with other employees based on the work they do. In order to observe the development of our employees compared to the previous year, we analyze the results of this evaluation process, which is carried out in the same period every year, and we create a roadmap for innovations such as promotion and rotation. 

With performance evaluation management;

  • We accurately measure the performance of our employees.
  • We reward achievements and identify promotion opportunities.
  • We identify training needs.
  • We make the employee aware of their abilities and encourage teamwork.
  • We systematically make evaluations and provide target and performance management to actively involve employees in the process by providing feedback.
Career at Ankutsan

Education Management

We support continuous learning so that we are equipped to meet future strategic challenges. 

We care about “Investing in People” and we learn together with our colleagues. We accelerate adaptation to the company culture with orientation trainings that facilitate adaptation to work, touch their lives with professional and personal development trainings, and invest in the future and careers of our employees.

As the output of the performance evaluation process, we prepare the next year's training plan, follow up and update the current vocational trainings for new investments or different products produced.

Career at Ankutsan

Work Satisfaction and Loyalty Management

We regularly measure employee satisfaction and evaluate the results in different dimensions to receive feedback from our employees and to determine actions that will increase employee loyalty. 

Our employees are our internal customers. We ensure freedom of thought and expression, and we carry out our activities with the principles of superior service, personal attention, and a sincere approach.

Career at Ankutsan

Labor Relations Management

We follow the researches and trends carried out in our sector and human resources fields, and use the analyzes and results related to these in the planning of human resources, in the production of sample applications, and in determining the standards in the field of labor relations.

We closely monitor all legislative changes and developments that shape the working life and evaluate proactive measures that can be taken against possible risks that may arise in these matters. We take advantage of all opportunities and employment incentives stemming from labor legislation and closely follow developments in this regard. 

Career at Ankutsan

Compensation Management

We provide wage management with scales created with well-made analyzes and performance evaluation results, especially the principle of equality for all our employees.

We reevaluate the wages to be paid to our employees every year, taking into account the market conditions. In addition, we implement various reward systems that support increasing working efficiency and various bonus systems for our sales and production teams. Ankutsan employees' fringe benefits differ depending on their positions. 

Career at Ankutsan

Occupational Health and Safety Management

We see occupational health and safety as the most important part of working life. Occupational health and safety practices; we comply with the relevant legislation, obligations, and standards.

In all our activities, we analyze possible risks beforehand and put forward proactive approaches to prevent these risks. We provide all trainings in this field to our employees at regular intervals.