Our Policies

Our Management Policy

We support continuous education to ensure continuous development and create an efficient and competitive working environment. 

We increase customer satisfaction by understanding the expectations of the market correctly, constantly developing innovative ideas, and offering "packaging that will add value to our customers' products". We consider customer feedback as an opportunity for improvement and carry out improvement activities. 

While we protect our natural resources and carry out environmentally sensitive production, within the framework of sustainable forest management, we produce environmentally friendly products by using recycled raw materials that will allow the retrospective feedback to be evaluated without breaking the chain in the forest products of controlled origin that we produce. We provide a safe working environment with proactive activities related to occupational health and safety.

While ensuring the participation, applicability, and continuity of all our employees in the quality management system with the philosophy of continuous improvement and customer focus, we provide "efficiency and savings" by using our resources most effectively, improving the production infrastructure in line with technological developments, and managing time and cost. We fulfill the legislation, legal requirements, industry standards, and requirements. By providing a safe working environment with proactive activities related to occupational health and safety, we reduce the risks and ensure that the determined targets are achieved.

We ensure the protection of food safety and product quality by keeping human and environmental health at the forefront at every stage of the supply chain, in compliance with national and international food legislation, and by making our infrastructure and processes suitable.

Our Policies

Our Environmental and Energy Policy

In order to leave a more livable and sustainable world to new generations, in the process from the design of the products we produce to their disposal; by complying with the applicable legal and other conditions that we are obliged to comply with regarding the environment and energy;

To work to prevent environmental pollution without compromising its sensitivity to the environment and to continuously increase its energy performance,

By following the latest technological developments; To make designs and investments that will ensure energy efficiency in production, consume less raw materials and natural resources, and produce energy-efficient products,

Organizing trainings to increase environmental awareness and energy efficiency awareness,

To continuously develop and improve the process in line with the targets set with ISO 50001 Energy Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,

Purchasing and producing recyclable, energy-efficient products and services,

Adopting zero waste management, ensuring the recycling of wastes by separating them at the source and their disposal using environmentally friendly methods,

To take measures to reduce carbon emissions resulting from production and regular activities,

To share information about environment and energy management processes with all stakeholders inside and outside the institution,

We are committed to providing all the information and resources necessary to achieve the goals and objectives set within the scope of environmental and energy management systems and to continuously improve them.

Our Policies

Our Quality and Customer Satisfaction Policy

We ensure that the whole process is constantly improved and audited in line with the objectives established with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System. 

To ensure customer satisfaction by complying with current legislation and standards while performing our activities,

Thanks to the new business models we have developed, we will always be in a position to guide the market by making a difference in service, and to integrate this difference into the quality management system we have established,

To create an expert staff with Ankutsan Academy, which provides trainings to handle, examine and evaluate every feedback received from the customer,

To follow the customer feedbacks systematically and to conclude in the fastest way and to provide accurate information to the customer on time,

Personal data of our customers will not be shared with third parties and organizations without customer approval,

We are committed to increasing the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete at the international level, with a continuous improvement approach, by providing all the necessary information and resources to achieve the determined goals.

Customer Services
How do I reach?

Telephone or face-to-face meeting with our sales representatives


By sending an email to musteri.hizmetleri@ankutsan.com


By filling out the contact form on our website www.ankutsan.com


With Ankutsan customer satisfaction evaluation surveys

How does the process work?

Complaints, requests, compliments are recorded,


The root cause and action plan for the resolution of the feedback is determined,


The customer is informed that the registration has been received,


The complaint is resolved and the customer is informed.


The notification is forwarded to the relevant unit and taken into consideration, taking into account the customer's solution proposal,