The basis of our sustainability approach is based on the principles of honesty and reliability. Innovative perspective, understanding of business ethics, sustainability understanding shaped according to social responsibility culture constitute our business culture. 

We offer a business life where the human rights of our employees are protected, occupational health and safety are given priority, professional development is supported, and fair and equal opportunities are given to everyone. All kinds of discrimination, child labor, forced and compulsory labor practices are prevented. 

We expect our suppliers and business partners to meet similar working norms, follow their practices in this field and contribute to the realization of the conditions. 

The management of environmental issues within our company is carried out by national and international standards. There are units specialized in environmental management in all of our production facilities, which hold ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, and we work to increase the environmental awareness of our employees. 

We are committed to complying with policies and strategies based on the development of global and sustainable social responsibility awareness in the business world in all of our operations. 



As Ankutsan, we attach importance to the existence of our future generations and all living things in a green and sustainable world in the corrugated cardboard packaging solutions we produce, limit the natural resources we consume while producing, and contribute to the preservation of our forests, which are the protectors of our world, as an unbreakable bridge between generations and to the continuation of all living things as a home. 

For this reason, by applying the FSC standard in the products we produce, we take responsibility for the management of forests for all living things. We welcome each of our colleagues who join the Ankutsan family by donating saplings.



While we think that the energy within us, which is required by being from Ankutsan, is infinite, we use our energy resources efficiently, thinking that the energy resources of our world are limited. We are trying to reduce the energy consumed per unit of production and to reduce the amount of carbon footprint spent on each of our products. 

In addition to increasing the rate of recycled paper used in the production of corrugated cardboard, we save energy from all the stages we will spend in the paper supply processes by producing paper coils, which are our raw material source, ourselves.



We are aware of the value of water, which is the basic building block of life, and we attach importance to the reuse of domestic water that we use in our processes, thinking that we borrow water resources from them, not inheriting them from future generations. 

While we monitor our wastewater discharge limits and improve our limits day by day, we continue our R&D studies for all living things affected by natural resources and water life cycle to live in a better environment.



Emissions caused by air pollution reduce the air quality we breathe and cause global warming by reducing the transmittance of light in the atmosphere. Scientists state that if the air temperature is not lowered by 2⁰C by 2050, air pollution and global warming will cause irreversible damage to our world. 

At this point, we, as Ankutsan, take our responsibility and aim for the better, controlling the emission of our flue gas emissions, and working for cleaner air and the future with our process methods that reduce the carbon footprint.


Social Compliance

In the modern world, working life forms an important and big part of the life of today's people. For this reason, we never forget the human responsibility in production and adopt the value that happy and satisfied employees add to the company. We strengthen the presence of women in business life by increasing the rate of women employees every year in line with our work on respect for people. 

With the social responsibility projects we participate in, we contribute to the development of social life in the provinces where our factories are located. Among these works is the cat house project, which we distribute for stray cats by respecting the right to life of not only humans but also all living things.