Ankutsan Closed 2020 With a Record


Ankutsan, one of the pioneers and leading companies of the corrugated cardboard industry, grew by approximately 50 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year and renewed its growth record with a turnover of over 1 billion TL. Ankutsan's 2021 year-end turnover growth target is over 70 percent.

Ankutsan, one of the pioneers and leading companies in the corrugated cardboard industry, increased its 2020 turnover by approximately 50 percent compared to the previous year. Underlining that Ankutsan has grown considerably above its sector in every period since 2014, Ankutsan Chairman of the Board Rüstem Kesgi stated that they see the most important source of rapid and sustainable growth as offering innovative and fast solutions that meet the expectations of their customers.

Ankutsan, whose turnover target for 2021 is 1.8 billion TL, targets 75 million dollars turnover in export sales.    

Underlining that the growth they have shown despite the coronavirus pandemic, which has deeply affected our country, is an important success, Ankutsan Chairman of the Board of Directors Rüstem Kesgi said, “Despite all the negative developments caused by the virus that surrounded the world, we reached the highest turnover in our history. Despite all the contraction expectations in our sector, as Ankutsan, we will continue to grow this year, and we will work with all our strength to exceed the 1.8 billion TL turnover target in 2021.”

Rüstem Kesgi said, “With our developing digital infrastructure and production facilities we have established with an industry 4.0 approach, we serve all over the world and are accessible from anywhere. We continue to add strength to our strength with our new customers who are included in the Ankutsan family in 2020. Expressing that they have grown by about 30 percent based on tonnage compared to the previous year, Kesgi underlined that they maintain their market leadership in exports. 

Ankutsan, which is by far the leader in its sector with a growth of 45 percent on a dollar basis and a turnover of 50 million dollars in exports this year, stated that they will increase their export figures even more in 2021. Drawing attention to the Turquality program, which will make a significant contribution to becoming a global brand, Kesgi said, "We will grow rapidly in our primary target markets with the brand support program they are involved in within the scope of Turquality." He also emphasized that they will represent Turkey and Ankutsan in the best way by participating in many fairs that will take place this year.    

Ankutsan is rising rapidly in ISO 500.

In the ISO 500 Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises Research, Ankutsan ranks higher and higher among the top 500 companies every year and is among the top 1000 companies with the highest exports in Turkey.