Award to Ankutsan From Packaging Crescents and Stars

Award to Ankutsan From Packaging Crescents and Stars

In the "Crescents and Stars of Packaging" competition, which was organized for the 9th time this year by the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), where 278 packages were evaluated in 13 different categories, Ankutsan was awarded the Competency Award with Vegetable and Fruit Viol in the category of "Point of Sale Display, Presentation, and Preservation" products seen.  

Vegetables and Fruits are Protected Thanks to The Viol

While the products grown in the fresh vegetable and fruit sector are shipped to be put up for sale by being placed in various boxes after being collected, they may contact each other during transportation and cause damage such as rot and crushing. With the designed corrugated cardboard vegetable and fruit tray, round-shaped products can be transported without contacting each other and without being damaged; thus, a healthier shipping process is provided than plastic derivatives.

In the 'Crescent and Stars for Packaging 2020' competition, which is the only packaging competition in our country with international competence and validity as it is accredited by the World Packaging Organization and Asian Packaging Federation, the awards are given to the companies that have met 11 criteria, especially production quality, environmental awareness, design, and originality. will be given at a ceremony that will be held later.