Record Growth in Exports from Ankutsan

According to TIM 1000, 2020 results, ANKUTSAN has increased its place among Turkey's top 1000 exporting organizations with a growth of 54.6% by 339 steps and ranked 503rd.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) has announced the results of its study determining Turkey's top 1000 exporters. According to the 2019 results, Antalya Kutu Sanayi ve Oluklu Mukavva Ticaret A.Ş (ANKUTSAN), which ranks 842th among Turkey's 1000 exporting companies, continued its rise in Turkey's largest exporters league this year as well and rose 339 steps in 2020 to become Turkey's largest exporter. It ranked 503rd among the biggest 1000 exporting companies of Turkey.

ANKUTSNA, which increased its employment to 1000 people despite the coronavirus pandemic that affected the world in 2020 and all the negativities brought by the pandemic, renewed its growth record and provided a net sales revenue of over 1 billion TL in 2020, while its exports amounted to 38.9 million dollars. Ankutsan A.Ş., which has been the sector leader in exports for years in the packaging industry, was among the ' '20 Fastest Rising '' companies in the TİM 1000 research. In the corrugated cardboard sector, ANKUTSAN A.Ş. continues to increase its contribution to the country's economy every year.

The first and only company in its sector, including in the Turquality Project, Turkey's branding program under the Ministry of Commerce.  

Ankutsan A.S. General Manager Deniz Erdoğan said, “We continue to grow rapidly in our primary target markets with the brand support program they are involved in within the scope of Turquality.” He also emphasized that they represent Turkey and Ankutsan in the best way by participating in 7 international fairs this year despite the pandemic conditions.

Contribution to the country's economy and sector will continue

Ankutsan A.S. General Manager Deniz Erdoğan thanked all employees, customers, and business partners who contributed to ANKUTSAN's success. Stating that they are working to become a world brand in their sector, he said that they will continue to contribute to both the sector and the Turkish economy. Expressing that ANKUTSAN's achievements have been crowned with the awards of many national and international organizations, Deniz Erdoğan stated that they will realize a turnover of 1.9 million TL and 60 million dollars in 2021.

In 2021, it targets a turnover of 1.9 billion TL and 60 million dollars in export sales.     

Deniz Erdoğan, General Manager of Ankutsan, said, “Despite all the negative developments caused by the pandemic, we continue to invest and grow. In addition to our existing paper factory in Adana, we are establishing a new high-tech paper production facility with an investment of 60 million Euros. With this investment, we will be producing all of the raw materials we need as 100 percent integrated. ''said. Stating that they will also commission the 2nd stage investment of 15 million dollars for the Ankara facilities, which they purchased before, at the end of the year, Erdoğan said, "We will continue our growth and will work with all our strength to achieve the turnover target of 1.9 billion TL in 2021."

Expressing that they are the clear leader in their sector with a 54.6% growth on a dollar basis and a turnover of approximately 38.9 million dollars in exports last year and that they aim for an export figure of 60 million dollars by the end of the year, Erdoğan underlined that they maintain their market leadership. 

Ankutsan A.S. General Manager Deniz Erdoğan said, “ Last year, we exported to more than 60 countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, North Africa, America, and the Middle East. We continue our efforts to expand our existing markets. Our Food and Industrial boxes constitute the general product groups that we export. Developed countries with high per capita income in the Far East are also among our new target markets. We develop existing markets to improve our exports and continue our research by working with the world's most respected international market research companies for new markets. '' said.