Marks on Corrugated Cardboard Packages

It is used on a voluntary basis and for consumer awareness. 


Symbols are used within the scopes determined in the Regulation on Control of Packaging Wastes article 18 and Annex2 - Annex3. (Corrugated Cardboard PAP 20) 

Mobius Cycle: This symbol indicates that the product can be recycled.  

The recyclable paper packaging logo is:

Symbols of Suitability for Food Contact

The food compatibility symbol is used only for inbox designs that come into contact with food. According to Article 7 of Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Substances and Materials in Contact with Food; The expression "suitable for contact with food" or expressions specific to the use of the substance and/or material such as "soup spoon", "wine bottle" or "for coffee machine" or symbols in Annex-2 are used. 

Use of Member Institutions and Organizations Logos

OMÜD- Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers Association OMÜD has the right to print the RESY Symbol and Identification Number 03079 on the corrugated cardboard packaging boxes it will produce in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned agreement, according to the agreement signed with RESY GmbH in Germany on January 31, 1992.

Ankutsan A.Ş.' allocated to,

RESY Symbol and Identification Number: 3079

OMÜD Membership Code Number: 071

FSC-COC Standard Logo Usage

FSC 50-001: LOGO STD. It is used according to the specified conditions; It is an FSC Trademark and cannot be used without the approval of the FSC head office.