The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pizza Box

“You can’t make everyone happy because you’re not pizza!” We started our article with this sentence, which was very popular in social media in the past period. Who could say no to a crispy pizza that melts in your mouth? Whether meaty or vegan, pizzas appeal to all tastes with dozens of delicious flavors. More than 5 billion pizzas are sold every year around the world. So, how should we choose the proper packaging to preserve this excellent taste?

What to Consider When Choosing a Pizza Box?

Pizza boxes must be hygienic, be light but resistant to impacts, absorb oil and moisture, and preserve the flavor and crispness of the pizza. The ideal packaging solution that provides all these features is corrugated cardboard boxes! Pizza boxes, produced from corrugated cardboard boxes, carefully protect the effort of the masters while making the pizza until the consumer can enjoy it.


As Ankutsan, we manufacture various pizza box dimensions, such as large pizza boxes and small pizza boxes. Pizza boxes, which are the most suitable size for the pizza sizes sold, prevent the product from scattering, turning over, and spilling the ingredients during transportation. There are pizza boxes in a wide range of products, such as corrugated carton pizza boxes, round pizza boxes, locked pizza boxes, 33x33 pizza boxes, and large pizza boxes. The locked pizza box is a box that is completely sealed after the pizza is put inside. Our Ankutsan sales team guides you in determining the pizza box dimensions suitable for your products and needs.


The most preferred material for pizza box making is corrugated cardboard. Corrugated boxes have high strength. Despite its high strength, it is a very light product, which is an important reason for preference. The corrugated cardboard boxes you choose for your pizzas must meet the required quality standards. Boxes produced in Ankutsan facilities with BRC pm product safety certificates provide hygienic packaging for pizza delivery.


Square boxes are mostly preferred for producing pizza boxes suitable for standard round pizza, Pinsa Romana style pizza, or slice pizza. Square pizza boxes provide the advantage of stacking and carrying. Our pizza box options with special sauce trays are also a suitable alternative for manufacturers who want to position their pizza sauces appropriately in the box.


The design and print quality of the pizza box makes your product attractive. It increases your brand awareness. Your carefully prepared pizzas will be eye-catching with a well-designed package. Printed or unprinted pizza boxes could be preferred according to your brand. Ankutsan’s expert graphic design team thinks together with you for the print design of your pizza box and offers you a unique graphic design service.

How to Choose the Right Pizza Box for Your Business?

Customer Experience

We think together with you to deliver your pizza to your customers in the best possible way. Together we develop the pizza box that suits your needs. Contact us to have your pizzas, which will share the joyful moments of your customers and add happiness to your customers, in the correct box.

Best Price

Corrugated cardboard boxes can be installed by hand. It provides a stacking advantage thanks to its lightness and small footprint. We create your orders in the size and quantity that suits your needs. When choosing a pizza box, you could contact us to get the quality box at the best price. It will be a pleasure for us.

Recycling to Pizza Boxes

The corrugated cardboard pizza box is hygienic, disposable, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable. It provides transportation and display facilities by food safety standards. The most important raw material of corrugated cardboard is paper. While other packaging types can take 4,000 years to degrade in nature, corrugated cardboard dissolves in just three months.

Check Recycling Guidelines

Corrugated cardboard pizza boxes can be recycled many times over. To recycle your used corrugated cardboard pizza boxes;

  • Smash used boxes.
  • Separate the bins from other waste.
  • Throw it into the recycling bins reserved for paper.