Corrugated cardboard is a preferred choice of numerous industries when it comes to packaging. It is easy to shape and store. It keeps products safe while also being lightweight. These cardboards are widely used every day.

What Is a Corrugated Cardboard Box?

In the simplest terms, corrugated cardboards are packaging material made out of paper. They are often in the color beige, however, according to different needs they may be produced in different colors as well. They are the most popular packaging material today, though their history goes back to the 1800s. As they are made out of paper, they can be recycled which makes them a choice for environmentally concerned businesses and people.

How Is Corrugated Cardboard Made?

Corrugated cardboards are made by putting one or more corrugated paper layers between two flat paper layers. They turn into different styles according to the number and shape of the corrugated layers. Many of the corrugated cardboard box manufacturers use both recycled and new paper while producing the boxes. There are special machines that mass produce these boxes which can create dampness to form corrugated pieces. There is also a drying process in the production. As can be understood from the production processes, high energy is needed to produce these cardboards.

The 5 Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard

A cardboard corrugated box can be used in many different sectors. The reason for that is corrugated cardboards have plenty of advantages when it comes to packaging. We make sure that our customers meet them.

  • Corrugated cardboards are recyclable.
  • They are easy to shape, contain and carry.
  • They are health friendly.
  • They are durable and can be reused.
  • They are lightweight.

What are the Types and Sizes of Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard box sizes and types differ as they are used in different ways in different areas such as food, e-commerce, architecture, decor, and so on. There can be corrugated food boxes such as pizza boxes or corrugated cardboards used for product packaging, modeling, and banners. We produce corrugated cardboards for seedlings, presentations, stands, food, separators, and such. With our production abilities, we can offer you custom corrugated cardboard boxes in different types and sizes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type and Size of Corrugated Cardboard?

While choosing a corrugated cardboard, the first thing that you need to pay attention to is understanding this: corrugated box vs cardboard box. You may ask isn't a factory supply cardboard box corrugated? The answer is no. They seem similar however, corrugated boxes are way more enduring as they are made up of multiple layers. Another thing you need to focus on is, understanding your needs for packaging. You shouldn't choose a corrugated cardboard that is not suitable for your product. Lastly, you should make sure that you are buying your corrugated cardboard from a trusted company like Ankutsan.

Where to Buy Wholesale Cardboard Boxes?

As there is a high demand for these boxes, there are a lot of cardboard box factories that operate on a daily basis today. Among these factories, you should focus on the ones that are high capacity, following the recent trends and technology-based. This way you will make sure you have the right choice for your corrugated cardboard box wholesale.

How to Store and Care for Your Corrugated Cardboard Boxes?

As corrugated cardboard boxes are very durable, they can be reused several times. That is why taking care of them and storing them appropriately may be a good idea. As they are lightweight and don't have very big heights they can be piled up in your storage area. Also, as long as they are used, stored, and carried gently, they will stay intact and won't deteriorate.