Recycling of Paper Cardboard Packaging

The origin of paper and cardboard products is forest. For this reason, recycling and reuse are important to protect nature. In order to be able to recycle in a healthy way, the wastes should be collected cleanly and separated according to their appropriate types. Ankutsan A.S. We classify the paper and cardboard wastes collected for recycling at the waste storage facility. We obtain pulp, purify and recycle the wastes we collect in recycling paper productions into paper. 

By recycling 1 ton of paper;

  • We can protect 17 adult trees that provide oxygen for 34 people to breathe for 1 day.
  • It can save 32 m³ of water, which is the amount of water consumed by 3 families in 1 month. 

Paper produced from recycled fiber reduces air pollution by 74%, water pollution by 35%, and energy consumption by 28%.