The fresh fruit and vegetable boxes we produce from corrugated cardboard provide effective protection to the products throughout the supply chain, absorb the surface activity of microorganisms thanks to their porous structure and extend their shelf life. We aim to produce the best packaging to protect the fresh fruits and vegetables produced with effort during the logistics and storage process and to present them to our customers. For this reason, we determine the materials suitable for the logistics needs of fruit and vegetable producers, design boxes, and highlight the customer brand with print design service. We offer our long-distance resistant product groups for fresh fruit and vegetables to the market with our strategy of growing together with our customers. Thanks to the machine-folded, hand-wound models with corner wedges, fresh vegetables, and fruits can be easily displayed, as well as providing convenience in the transportation and protection of the products. Thanks to our water-resistant boxes coated with nanotechnology, vegetables, and fruits have a long shelf life.

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