In cases where more than one product is packaged together or the transported product is sensitive, viols and separators are needed. The item being transported can be a bottle, a piece of machinery or an automotive, or even an apple. We offer customized packaging solutions for all kinds of products. In line with the demands and needs of our customers, we develop customized designs for reinforcement and separator parts and provide production.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Viol

In the vegetable and fruit sector, after the products are grown and collected, they are placed in various boxes and shipped to be offered for sale in different places. Some vegetables and fruits may come into contact with each other during transportation and cause damage such as rot and crushing. With the designed corrugated cardboard vegetable and fruit tray, round-shaped products can be transported without contacting each other and without being damaged, thus providing a healthier shipping process than plastic derivatives. The product, which contains round spaces on a plate, is very easy to install. The side walls are folded and placed in the tray and the desired fruit and vegetables are prepared by placing them in round spaces. Boxes can be arranged according to the dimensions of the box and the size of the vegetables and fruits to be placed inside. We offer solutions for all your needs with our award-winning fruit and vegetable viol product.

  • Precision Product Separators

Impact, vibration, etc. of the products during the shipping process. In order to protect it from physical damages, separators suitable for the product are designed. Separators, which protect the product against impacts from the top and sides, are easy to install and manufacture, and are suitable for reuse. In addition, designs that can be presented on the shelf are also made. We offer solutions tailored to your needs with our award-winning precision product separators.

  • Glass Product Separators

Breakage problems are common in the packaging and transportation of glass materials. In order to prevent breakage, glass products are wrapped separately and a solution is sought. In the packaging and transportation of various glass materials, a separator is designed to separate the glass materials from each other and prevent contact and thus cracking and breakage. The design also allowed the product to be transported in multiple ways. With the separators, the product can be easily removed and transported from the box and can be displayed on the shelf with its separator. Other features of the product are seeing the product inside in the side view and the aesthetic stance of the design.